August 31, 2017

Victuals Awarded James Beard Honors

In April of 2017, at the James Beard Foundation’s annual Books, Broadcast and Journalism Awards, Victuals was honored with awards in the American Cooking book category, and with the prestigious Cookbook Of The Year Award. 

At the ceremony, Ronni spoke of the honor and importance of sharing the stories of Appalachia in Victuals:

“I’m honored so deeply by this recognition from my colleagues, but the true honor belongs to the people of Appalachia, past, present, and future, whose lives, struggles, triumphs, and stories are the meat of ‘Victuals. Their generosity is boundless, their wisdom so deep, and that is the story I wanted to tell. To have it read, understood and celebrated, particularly at a point where the false and negative myths of the mountains are getting undeserved credit again, is a triumph of their indomitable spirit. I’m just proud I get to be a part of that story — and that’s the truth.”

You can read more about the James Beard Awards, and see a full list of winners at