In Praise of Tomatoes

Tasty Recipes, Garden Secrets, Legends & Lore

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Gardeners and chefs alike will delight in this pictorial and instructive celebration of the ever-popular tomato.

Straight from the vine to the cookpot and to terrific trivia: everyone will enjoy this juicy tribute to tangy, tasty tomato. Begin with a horticultural look at resurgent vintage varieties: a comprehensive chart gives specific growing and eating details on more than 50 delicious types, both heirloom and hybrid. Find out how to create and cultivate the “essential tomato garden,” even on a windowsill. From the backyard, head straight to the kitchen with information on how to store, peel, freeze, dry, can, and cook up the harvest. Recipes include such luscious dishes as tomato soup, jam, bread, and green tomato pie. The enlightening feast rounds out with fun facts on the tomato’s history and tomato festivals.


"A celebration of everyone's favorite summer vegetable." - Library Journal


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