Sorghum’s Savor


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Often confused with molasses, and ranging in color from tawny gold to a deep teak brown, sorghum syrup tempers sweetness with a hint of tart and a buttery resonance. It has been the secret ingredient in Southern baked goods, confections, glazes, and dressings since the Civil War.

In Sorghum's Savor, Ronni Lundy unlocks the mysteries of this subtle and splendid cousin of the sugarcane. She highlights the classic pairings with cornbread, buttermilk, sweet potatoes, and bacon, and reveals fresh combinations with red chiles, ginger, citrus, and cardamom. From soups to entrees, from drinks to dressings, Lundy showcases the endless possibilities of this unique sweetener, as well as the reasons why it has long been cherished in the South.


“Sorghum has been a culinary fixture for half of my life, but this book explains its significance, its community, its lore, and its place so eloquently that I feel remiss in not discovering it even sooner. In a world of rapid loss of rural food staples, Sorghum’s Savor implores us to pay attention.” - Hugh Acheson


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